Sunday, October 30, 2011

Schedule a November Party!

I'm looking to schedule a few early November parties now! The first two people to contact me and schedule a party for November 7, 8, 14 or 15th will receive an additional $15 in FREE books.*  That's on top of the awesome November Hostess Special we have going right now...

Parties with retail sales of $250-$399 could receive up to $85 in FREE books.
Parties with retail sales of $400-$599 could receive up to $150 in FREE books.
Parties with retail sales of $600+ could receive more than $200 in FREE books.
Extra incentive also requires two parties scheduled off of yours

You’ll also earn an entry for a chance to have a Holiday Gift Set of titles (valued at $150.00), donated in your name to your local Toys for Tots organization! 
* Your party must have at least $85 in retail sales to earn FREE books.

Contact me TODAY about hosting a party! HeyJadeBooks[at]gmail[dot]com!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Books for Halloween!

Halloween is coming up on Monday!  There is still time to grab some fun Halloween books, though.  Online orders made before Friday, in most cases, will be delivered to your door in time!  Check out some of our wonderful Halloween books (click on the title of the book to see more info)...

Sticker Dolly Costumes
Spooky Stencil Cards
There's No Such Thing as Ghosts!
Oliver Moon books!
Shop online now at!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scheduling Parties for November NOW!

We have a wonderful Hostess Special going on for home parties held November 1st through December 12th.  And I am ready to fill my November-December calendar, so contact me to set your date or discuss details! HeyJadeBooks[at]gmail[dot]com.

Parties with retail sales of $250-$399 could receive up to $85 in FREE books.
Parties with retail sales of $400-$599 could receive up to $150 in FREE books.
Parties with retail sales of $600+ could receive more than $200 in FREE books.
*Extra incentive also requires two parties scheduled off of yours

You’ll also earn an entry for a chance to have a Holiday Gift Set of titles (valued at $150.00), donated in your name to your local Toys for Tots organization!

People are ready to do some Christmas shopping, why not do it from the comfort of your own home, surrounded by friends and fun instead of a busy shopping mall?  Books make wonderful gifts for kids of all ages! We also have puzzles, games, kid kits and more for all the kids in your life!

P.S. I will gladly schedule for December and January as well.  Things are about to get busy with the holidays and all, so go ahead and get your Usborne book party on your calendar!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

National Evaluate Your Life Day...

Who knew there was a specific day for sitting down and evaluating your life?  I didn't!  Here is a fun title that might provide a bit of insight...

Life of Riley
"Human beings live for quite a long time and for a lot of that time we are not happy. We want to be taller, shorter, fatter, thinner, older and younger. We want our straight hair to be curly, our curly hair to be straight and our brown eyes to be blue. We hate our parents, children, teachers, students and everybody. We want to be somewhere else with someone else, eating something else and wearing something fantastic no one else can afford, and we want to splash them as we drive by in our big red car.

Rats live for quite a short time and for most of that time they are very, very happy...

This laugh-out-loud picture book will appeal to people - and rats - of all ages. A truly unique picture book by Thompson and Lissiat presents life lessons with gentle humor and satire."

Friday, October 14, 2011

National Dessert Day...

As if you really need an excuse for dessert, but just in case you do... today is National Dessert Day!

Here are some fun Usborne titles to help you celebrate!

Yummy Dessert Cookbook!
Things to Bake!
Fairy Cooking!
Christmas Baking
I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy something deliciously yummy today!  Let me know what it is!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 2011 Elizabeth Experience...

Cherished Memories!
Just a little over a year ago, Natasha and Jody Trompler lost their sweet 24-day-old baby girl, Elizabeth, because of a condition called Trisomy 13.  The Tromplers were blessed by an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, who came in and took beautiful photos of their family while Elizabeth was with them so that they could cherish those memories for the rest of their lives.  NILMDTS is an amazing organization, and you should definitely check out their story - but be warned, you will need a box of tissue.  The Tromplers have created The 2011 Elizabeth Experience in honor of the memory of their sweet princess, but also to help raise money and awareness for NILMDTS.  There are two parts to the Experience.  

First, there will be a Shopping Extravaganza coming up THIS Saturday, October 15th.  It will be held in Lewisville at 201 Anna Avenue, in the Trompler's community clubhouse.  There will be 12 vendors set up including Thirty-One Gifts, AdvoCare, Rodan + Fields, Discovery Toys, Usborne Books & More!  This is a great way to get started (or finished!) on your Christmas shopping, but also know that you're supporting a wonderful cause because most (if not ALL!) of the vendors are donating their commissions and sales to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep!  We hope to raise a lot of money for this organization, what they do is so special!

The second part of the Experience is a silent auction.  You will be able to find out more about that on the fb page.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giveaway on

Aly, over at, wrote a review of "That's Not My Teddy!" and is also giving away that same book!  Check out what she has to say, see adorable pictures of her baby and the book in action, and enter the giveaway, which ends on October 20th, by clicking here.

*I sent Aly a copy of "That's Not My Teddy!" to use for review and am sending the winner a copy of the book as well!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Columbus Day!

Here are a few books we offer to go along with your Columbus Day lessons and celebration!:
Story of Exploration
Enjoy your day exploring the world around you!

Online Store:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Country Day on the Hill was Great!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Usborne Books & More booth today at Country Day on the Hill in Cedar Hill, Texas.  My team and I had a great time getting to meet you and show you our wonderful books.  The kids especially seemed to enjoy their stickers and bookmarks - and most of all: the books!  

There were some really neat booths out there today... all kinds of handmade items, kid's stuff, food and more, plus there was a parade and lots of live music as well!  What a fun time!  We are already looking forward to being part of this event again next year! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Country Day on the Hill!

See ya on Saturday!
My Usborne Books & More Team and I will be out at Country Day On The Hill in Cedar Hill this Saturday, October 8th, from 9am to 6pm. Come by and say hi! There will be plenty to look at, shop around for, be entertained by and eat this year... so bring the kids and enjoy the day!  Praying for nice weather! Click here for more information, including the history, on this annual event!

Monday, October 3, 2011

October 2011 Specials!

October Hostess Special:
Get $175 in books for only $25 with a $400 party and 2 parties scheduled from yours!

October Customer Specials: Choose any 3 with every $40 purchase...
  • Science Encyclopedia IL (C/V) Reduced Size $8 (retail $19.99)
  • Big Book of Science Things to Make and do $8 (retail $14.99)
  • My Animal World $8 (retail $18.99)
  • I Love Words! $6 (retail $14.99)
  • Christmas Baking for Children $6 (retail $14.99)
  • First Colors $6 (retail $14.99)
  • Big Cats IL $4 (retail $8.99)
  • 50 Things to Make and Do $4 (retail $9.99)
  • That's Not My Penguin $4 (retail $8.99)
 Click here to see these titles.

Shop online at
Contact me for more information at HeyJadeBooks[at]gmail[dot]com