Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Host Your Own Summer Space Camp!

Our Smarty Pants Summer Camp is great for multiple ages, either separately or working all together to learn more about the moon, the stars, gravity and so much more!  These kits come with fiction and non-fiction books to help bring home fun and exciting science concepts, plus each student has their own workbook to record their work!  A fun way to keep those brains working through the summer!

Friday, May 4, 2012

International Space Day!

Space is a VERY popular subject with kids.  It's so... big, and mysterious, and interesting!  Usborne offers a ton of titles to help answer those universal questions and keep the Space-lovers happy!

Astronomy & Space Fact Cards
First Encyclopedia of Space
Usborne Discovery Space
See Inside Space (flap book)
1st Guide to the Universe
On The Moon

Inside the book On The Moon
Sun, Moon and Stars
The Solar System

Usborne even offers a fun program called "Smarty Pants Camp" which offers a Space theme for various ages - great for continuing learning during the Summer or offering at daycares.  Check that out here.

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