Tuesday, February 21, 2012

National Card Reading Day!

Today is National Card Reading Day!  Don't you just love these random "holidays."  Lol!  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that Usborne doesn't just have books.  We have games, teaching manipulatives and even some greeting cards!
20 Thank You Cards to Color
These are adorable "Thank You" cards that your kids (or you, I won't judge!) can color!  So fun!  They come with envelopes as well.  They really are pretty stinkin' cute!  
A look at a few of them.
We have them in Birthday Cards too...
20 Birthday Cards to Color
A look at a few of these!

And, of course, our Cards for a Cause fundraiser involves two wonderful sets of Greeting Cards in keepsake boxes!  $30 cards for $30!  I am, in fact, currently doing a fundraiser myself, so if you're interested (and local!), let me know!  We'd appreciate your support!

The greeting cards are high-quality, colorful, hand-crafted and so much fun!  We have two versions you can choose from (or get one of each!).
Specifically for Kids!

Each box of cards is $30, contains 30 cards (yes, making them only $1 each - but these are no typical dollar store cards!) and has a nice keepsake box as well!  These are so great to have on hand for those emergency "Thank you" or "Happy Anniversary!" needs.  You know you have 'em!  You'll be covered!
So cute!
If you are interested in learning more about our Cards for a Cause fundraising for your needs, email me at HeyJadeBooks[at]gmail and I can get your group started right away!

Other cards and books and things can be found at www.HeyJadeBooks.com.

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