Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January means New Titles!

I hope you're having a fantastic start to your 2013!  I am excited to introduce you to some our new titles!  There are so many great books, you'll just have to check them out for yourself.  You can see the latest new stuff here.

Here are some of favorites, though!  Click on the picture below for more info on the item shown.

Big Book of Big Trains
The Big Book of Big Trains was so popular right off the bat, it went right out of stock.  But it should be available again on the 21st.  Definitely a great addition to our Big Book series!

Doodle Tin
I have always loved our activity cards, but now that they come in a nice tin to help store them... I love them even more!  Plus, you get MORE of them in this tin than in the usual box.  Doodle Tin comes with a wipe-clean pen so you can doodle, erase, and doodles some more!

Busy Town: Things to Find Pop-Up Book
We have two new books that are Pop-Ups!  I have had people ask for these, and now we have them available!  Busy Town: Things to Find and Busy Farm: Count to 10.

1920s Fashion Sticker Dolly Dressing
A fantastic new addition to our Sticker Dolly Dressing is this 1920s Fashion. The settings and the clothes... are amazing.  I have already had moms snatching this one up for themselves!  Lol.

There are more that I hope to highlight later, but definitely check out our new titles... you won't be sorry!  And while you're at it, consider hosting a book party.  January's Hostess incentive is Double Free Books and February's special is $25-$50 MORE in free books.  HeyJadeBooks @ gmail . com

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