Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Be Ready for Reading This Summer!

School is just about out and Summer vacation is approaching quickly!  Don't panic parents!  And don't let your kids brains go to mush either!  Keep them occupied, interested and READING!  Here are some of my favorite Summer Suggestions for you!

Going on a trip?  These items are great for a long car/plane ride, or for staying quiet while everyone else is relaxing...

100 Things For Little Children to do on a Trip - Don't let the title fool you, it's not just for wee ones.  These wipe-clean flash cards are fantastic for all ages.  They feature mazes, word games, puzzles, doodling prompts and more.  It comes with a dry-erase pen.  If you take a few minutes to punch a hole in the top corner and secure them with a notebook ring, they're definitely great for the on-the-go!

1001 Things to Spot books - These come in lots of varieties, such as fairies, pirates, farm, animals, bugs, etc.  Definitely something for everyone!  Keep those eyes and brains sharp seeking out the different pictures, counting how many and then why not try coming up with a story to go with the scene?

Staying home?  These titles are great for keeping that love of reading thriving...

The Phoenix Files - This is a great series for your older readers (13+) that enjoy a thriller!  Can they figure out the mystery?  These also come via eBook that you can download to your eReader!  Awesome!

Illustrated Classics and Illustrated Stories - Great for family read-aloud time!  These are tales from long ago, written to be exciting, fresh and easily read - plus, they features lots of pictures to keep the kiddos from wandering off!

Get them thinking!  These titles are great for kids to enjoy, but also to really keep their imagination pumping...

You Choose - This is one of my best sellers, parents and kids LOVE this book.  It's filled with options.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Then it offers lots of illustrations to choose from to help get their gears going!

Write Your Own Storybook - This one offers writing prompts, ideas and illustrations to help the young writer soar!  What a fun keepsake, too, once the book is finished!

Keep 'em active with these fun books...

Sticker Dressing - There are pop stars, warriors, historical time periods, brides and more available in our Sticker Dressing series.  Check out the scenery and the fantastic clothes in these books for boys and girls!

My Very First Art Coloring Book w/Stickers - Use the techniques and styles of the artists everyone admires as you recreate fine works of art!

There are books for everyone, on every topic and for any occasion available at my online webstore.  Check it out, and keep those keeps reading this Summer!!!  Better yet, let's have a book party and you can even earn books for FREE.  Contact me today!

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