Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bald & Free Day!

Haha, don't look at me... I didn't create this day.  Though I HAVE been bald.  Twice, actually.  And I liked it.

Anyway, why not celebrate it with a gorgeous book about a Bald Eagle and The Civil War.  Do you know this tale already?  If not, what a great way to explore it!  Old Abe, Eagle Hero: The Civil War's Most Famous Mascot.  Available at HeyJadeBooks.com

Old Abe, a spirited bald eagle with legend-inspiring powers, was the Civil War’s most famous mascot. This picture book account of Abe’s adventures brings the battlefield to life as readers join Company C of the 8th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers and experience the rigors of war, trusting Old Abe to be their guide and lift their spirits.

Please visit kanemiller.com for more resources (games, puzzles, activities etc.) to accompany the books.

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