Friday, March 16, 2012

Everything You Do Is Right Day...

Really?  There's a "day" for that?  Hmm.  Ok, well in honor of "Everything You Do Is Right" Day, check out this book...
No, That's Wrong!
Haha, sorry... couldn't resist!

From our website:
A serendipitous breeze starts off this playful journey which begs the seemingly simple question, "When is a hat not a hat?"  Along the way, Rabbit manages to learn a little bit about friendship, fashion, and the importance of believing in himself.

“Despite the helpful efforts of an unseen narrator, a sequence of animals persists in wearing bright red underpants every way but the correct one, a confusion that will leave young listeners giggling.” The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, Guide Book to Gift Books 2010

Um... that's underwear, y'all!  Lol!
This certainly looks like a fun one to read to the kiddos!  You can find this Kane/Miller Book and more available through Usborne Books at

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