Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Pi Day!

Not pie, like apple pie, but pi like 3.14...  Get it?

If you're like me and not much of a "math person," let me introduce you to some serious help!  Usborne has some fantastic math books to help you learn, teach or study!  You know I'll be keeping these on hand to help me teach my sons algebra (ewwww!) and geometry and what not as they get older!
Illustrated Math Dictionaries

This is a wonderful collection of highly visual Math Dictionaries, to help even the most confused students (ahem, me!) really get down the basics.  You can also purchase any of these books separately.

Learning Palette
These Learning Palettes making learning fun, because it's a game!  We have them for several different grade levels and several different subjects!

Math Mastery Box Set
We have Math Mastery Box Kits, in multiplication, addition, and subtraction.  These contain a workbook, a CD with fun math songs and a Learning Wrap-Up (which you can also buy separately for many subjects!).

Math Puzzles Flash Cards
This is a fun set of Math Puzzles wipe-clean flash cards to keep your kid thinking but having fun at the same time!

What's Math All About?
What's Math All About? is an interesting book about how math is used in the real world, why you need algebra and all kinds of fun math facts!

Find these books and more math fun at  Happy Pi Day!

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