Monday, September 17, 2012

Schools, Libraries & Organizations!

Just wanted to post a reminder about the other programs we offer in addition to direct sales and home parties.  We also work with schools, libraries and organizations to provide free books or cash!

Book Fairs - We can set up physical or online book fairs for a school.  The school gets 25-50% of their sales back in FREE books!  

Reading Incentive - Our Reach For the Stars Reading Incentive program, gives back 100% of the donations collected in FREE books, half to the students and half the school.  An easy and fun way to get kids excited about reading and put books directly into their hands!

50% Grant Matching Program - Literacy For A Lifetime is a program set up to use grants and donations to get a school, library or organization even MORE books!  For example, an organization received $500 in grant money to use towards books.  If spent with us, we'll give that organization $750 in books for that $500!

Fundraising - Any organization, group or person can take advantage of our Cards for a Cause Fundraiser.  We offer a high quality keepsake box of cards for $30 and the organization (if non-profit) keeps $13 of that per box!  For-profit organizations get to keep about $10.50 per box.  No up front money required, this makes for a quick, easy and profitable fundraiser for your group!

Please contact me for information on any of these opportunities!  HeyJadeBooks @ gmail . com

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