Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Borrowed Post: 10 Reasons I Won't Stop Buying or Reading Printed Books

Lately, I have had several people say that they don't buy books for themselves or their children anymore because they have a Kindle or iPad and can get them that way.  This frustrates me to no end, to be honest.  I love technology... I have a Kindle and an iPad (that I earned through this business, by the way!), and I do read books on them all the time.  However, NOTHING replaces the feeling of having a REAL book in your hand, turning actual pages and seeing a row of brightly colored books lined up on a shelf.  And teaching your children to use an actual book is important!  Do they know how to look up information in an Encyclopedia instead of just "googling" it?  Do they know what it feels like to slip a real-life bookmark between the pages to keep their place?  This is precious stuff!

I follow Many Little Blessings regularly, and her Top 10 Tuesday post today highlighting reasons she will always buy and read printed books made me smile.  I want to share it with you!  Please click on the image below to read her insightful post.

So, what do you think?  Do away with printed books or vow to keep them around forever?

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