Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Days to Remember!

October 4th is World Animal Day - We have you covered there with hundreds of books on animals of all kinds for any age!  For the little ones, Very First Words Animals, for the older ones Big Book of Big Animals and then our Beginner's and Discovery series helps even older gets get all the details they need on the animals they are interested in, and those books are internet-referenced.  That means they can surf our SAFE and SECURE site for more info, pictures, videos of their favorite creations, and parents don't have to worry about what else they might accidentally see!

October 5th is International World Teachers' Day - Check out Tessa The Teacher!

October 7-12th is National Fire Prevention Week - Beginner's Firefighters is great for kids just starting to read well on their own, lots of pictures and words they'll recognize!

October 8th is Columbus Day - Check out The Story of Exploration!

October 9th is National Children Appreciation Day - Stories from Around the World for Little Children has something for everyone!

October 9th is also Leif Erickson Day - Got that covered with Who Were The Vikings?

October 27th is Navy Day - We have a fantastic book called Warships that appeals to kids and adults alike!

October 31st is, of course, Halloween - And we have a ton of spooky titles to choose from!

And during the month of October, I can offer you a wonderful incentive to host a book party.  Besides the usual free books I offer, I can give you $50 additional... and maybe more!  Contact me today to schedule your October or November book parties!  Fall is a wonderful time to get your friends together, have a nice relaxing (and fun!) mom's-night-in and talk about the importance of literacy for your children!  And yes, get lots of FREE books on top of it!  Hey Jade Books @ gmail . com for information!

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