Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cuddle Bear Drive for Ohana Ministries, wrap-up

I just wanted to, once again, thank everyone that participated in my Cuddle Bear Drive.  Can I just say that my family and friends are amazing?!  They are.  Together, we were able to raise the money (matched 50% by Usborne Books & More!) for 21 Cuddle Bears and 21 Cuddle Bear books for the children of Ohana Ministries.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and I wanted to do something special.  Since a portion of all sales of Cuddle Bear goes to the Scott Carter Foundation I knew I needed to start there.  So, I reached out to people I know, asking them to donate $25 to cover a set (book and bear) and so many stepped up, it was beautiful.  Then, we were able to use the UBAM grant matching program to get even more sets on top of that. 

I partnered with Ohana Ministries because I wanted to give back to an organization local to me that was helping to make a difference in the lives of kids.  Ohana is a foster care/adoption support ministry.  They work with families who are thinking of fostering, are already fostering/adopting, or families that are trying to keep their children in their homes.  These precious kids have been through so much in their lives, I just wanted them to have something extra to hold on to and to reassure them that they are truly loved.

Once the sets were delivered, I had the privilege of visiting with the organization during a support meeting.  The families were so sweet and grateful for the gifts, and the kids instantly fell in love with the bears and books!!!  I am thankful to my company, Usborne Books & More, for making this possible through the partnership they have with Scott Carter Foundation and the fantastic grant-matching program we offer!  

The Cuddle Bear set is available here and makes a wonderful gift for any age.  Yes, it's a picture book, but it's so sweet and the message of love needs to be heard by young and old, alike!  Contact me if you have an organization that needs a Cuddle Bear Drive!

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