Tuesday, November 8, 2011

National Young Readers Day!

How are you getting your youngsters excited about reading?  Do you spend time reading together as a family?  Do you have age-appropriate books available, stored in places the kids can easily reach them?

If your children enjoy watching kid shows on TV or movies more than reading, look into finding books featuring those same familiar characters!  They will most likely be interested in giving the book a try!  Or if they love certain animals, hunt down some books with those animals - either as characters or facts about the real animals - it'll get them excited to learn more!

As you already know, Usborne offers wonderful children's books of all kinds, for all ages and reading levels!  We also have a neat reading program to help your struggling or reluctant readers!  Along with our Very First Reading Set, there's a website with tips, activities and lessons to help you, as a parent, assist your kid in learning to read!

Usborne also offers a 7-level reading program to featuring exciting titles sure to keep your kid's attention and continue that love of reading!

Do something today to encourage your child or children to read and love reading!

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