Thursday, December 22, 2011

Read Aloud Thursday: December 22nd (Christmas Edition)

Read-Aloud Thursday @ Hope Is the Word  is a fun weekly meme to showcase the books you are reading aloud to your children.  It is so important to continue reading to your kids, even after they've learned to read themselves!  Read to them until they move out if you can!  I read to my 21-month old at naptime and bedtime and to my 6-year-old a chapter from a book every nite at bedtime, and read to both of them all throughout the day.  Sometimes my older reads to my little, which always blesses my heart!  I also use this opportunity to highlight some of the great Usborne Books & More titles I have to offer.

Christmas Book Basket #2
Last week, I gathered up a bunch of our Christmas books this week and put 'em in a basket in the living room so that the kids could look through 'em as they wanted.  I did the same for this week, only this time we used lots of library books too!  Books like Mrs. Claus's Crazy Christmas, Pooh Bear's The Sweetest Christmas and The First Day of Winter (which we, of course, will read today - the first day of Winter!).  I don't really have time to review them all, but the boys really enjoyed Santasaurus - a story of a little dinosaur who's only only Christmas wish is to fly in Santa's sleigh.  It's pretty cute to see the little dinodeers (instead of reindeer) and refer to the little guy's parents as Momosaurus and Dadosaurus.  Heh.  And, as always, The Polar Express is a delight to read and enjoy.  Can't miss out on that one!  I have all the makings to create a lapbook for it, but since my computer was down all week and we're nearly out of ink anyway, I decided that it can wait till next year.  Preston will probably benefit from it more next year anyway.  Lol.

A quick spotlight on a few Christmas Usborne books we played with this week.  Yes, I said "played with" instead of read because they're fun!  The first one is the Pull Back Busy Santa, which just so happens to be half-off right now (only $12.50!).  It's a delightful book with a little story about Santa's journey on Christmas Eve, punctuated with four tracks that a little toy, pull-back Santa uses to zoom all over the place!  The kids LOVE this one, of course!  Who wouldn't?  The other book we played with was the Christmas Sticker Book.  Adorable Christmas and winter scenes, then decorated by stickers!  Preston loved getting to design his own pages.  Sadly, this one is out of stock, not available anymore.  Glad we got our hands on it when we did!  More Christmas Usborne offerings can be found at

A lot of the books we checked out from the library were pretty old, and not available to show up in the Amazon widget, unfortunately, so I also added some movies we watched!:

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